Introduction to the Local Employment Module Components

The Local Employment module consists of the following components:

This component is ideal for setting the ground rules for the local employment programs. It helps defining and managing the screening policies and various criteria against which applications for a job will be evaluated. There may be multiple screening policies depending on the type of opportunity, which will help enforce the process and increase transparency.

  • Screening Policies

Capacity Management
Capacity Management is designed to build, track and manage an accurate list of candidates or job seekers as well as a list of their competencies. In addition, there is a Capacity Building aspect
that allows capacity building project specific to local employment to be initiated and managed. It is useful to keep track of every capacity building event offered in relation to the project including
areas such as related costs, obtained competencies and feedback provided.

  • Candidates
  • Competencies
  • Capacity Building

Recruitment Process
The recruitment process is designed to track the recruitment campaigns initiated to fairly communicate the various job offers to local candidates. The Job Offers register allows the following to be entered tracked and managed multiple job offers from the company or its sub-contractors, along with the list of candidates applying for the job, screening activities, results and contracts.

The final feature of the Recruitment Process section is to manage all contracts issued in conjuncture with Local Employment strategies. The Contracts register provides a mean for companies to easily extract all contracts attributed through the various job offers along with their associated terms of employment for any Local Employment Strategies associated with a project.

  • Campaigns
  • Job Offers
  • Contracts
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