Introduction to the Contracts

A contract is an agreement that stipulates formal temporary, part time or permanent employment between a successful candidate and an organization.

This register allows to keep track of each employment contract awarded to successful candidates.

This register allows to manage the details of each contract employment awarded under the local employment program, and additionally:

  • View the business and the candidate who were signatories to that contract
  • View each competency that the candidate needs to possess to perform the work stipulated in the contract
  • Record the outcomes of each review to determine how a candidate is assimilating into their workplace and performing the work stipulated in the contract
  • Record feedback received from the community about the awarding of the contract
  • Record each benefit observed in the local community, which is attributable the awarding of that contract

A contract uses records from the job offer register. There must be at least one job offer record before you can create a new contract.

 Working with This Register

To work with this register, from the application menu, navigate to Modules > Local Employment > Recruitment Process > Contracts.


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