Introduction to Contracts

A contract is an agreement that stipulates the delivery of goods or services as a result of a successful tender for an opportunity (request for tender) identified in a local business development program.

This register allows to keep track of each contract awarded to successful businesses, and additionally:

  • View each competency that the business needs to possess to perform the work stipulated in the contract
  • List and track the progress of deliverables that are stipulated in the contract
  • Document the outcome of regular contract reviews
  • Record feedback received from the community about the awarding of a contract
  • Record each benefit observed in the local community, which is attributable the awarding of a contract

A contract uses records from the opportunity register. There must be at least one opportunity record before you can create a new contract.

Working with this register

To work with this register, from the application menu, navigate to Modules > Local Business Development > Tendering Process > Contracts


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