Introduction to the Audits

An audit (or performance assessment), in a local business development program, is the process of appraising and documenting the knowledge, skills and behaviors, of a participating business to determine the performance level of that business.

This register allows to manage the details of each audit, and additionally:

  • List each audit involved in the assessment
  • Record the auditors response to criteria set out in the audit policy
  • Record the final outcome of the audit

Tender evaluation policies (and the records in the criteria table) are used in the audits register, as are records from the business register. There must be at least one active record set up in each of these registers before you can use the audit register.

Working with this register

To work with this register, from the application menu, navigate to Modules > Local Business Development > Capacity Management > Audits  

Interpret the results of an audit

Final result: (view only) automatically calculated; the number of records performance indicators table having yes in the result field divided by the total number of yes and no records represented as a percentage.

Performance level: (view only) automatically calculated; indicates the overall grade awarded by the auditor; if the final result is

  • 80% or higher: Level A
  • Between 65% and 80% : Level B
  • Between 50% and 64% : Level C
  • Between 21% and 49% : Level D
  • Between 10% and 20% : Level E
  • under 10% : Level F
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