Capture a Package within the Entitlement Matrix for Recurring Payments

First you need to capture a package with whatever attribution method (choose the one that applies for what you’re trying to compensate between “according to criteria”, “everyone” or “manual”).

Then once the package has been saved and the matrix refreshed, you can add a package item by selecting your package with the option “Cash: Recurrent”. The amount type can be “negotiated” for land parcels only for there is a need to support a scenario for occupational agreement of the land (note that the negotiated amount for each land parcel is captured at the impact inventory level). The amount type can also be “fixed” for other scenarios when the same amount is meant to be distributed to different stakeholders as long as they qualify for this package, and in such case the fixed amount needs to be captured in the package item corresponding field. Then you need to define what percentage of the rate should be given to the owner(s) and what percentage should go to the user(s) (tenants, occupants, etc.). Then the frequency field is filled to indicate what options should be made available for multiple instalments (single payment cannot be chosen for recurring payments as it wouldn’t make sense any way). Finally the maximum duration may set another boundary when applicable. Again this is just about setting the boundaries as the individual agreement is captured in each compensation file record. Make sure to activate the package once you’ve completed the data entry part.

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