Approve or reject a payment campaign (Land Access)

Before being in a position to approve or reject a payment campaign, it is imperative for someone to be able to review in details what is expected to be compensated for. Therefore you must know that under each payment campaign record, within the “reports” tab stand two reports – the fund request report and the receipt report. The fund request is meant to be an excel spreadsheet document listing line by line a summary of what needs to be paid for every compensation file, including the stakeholder’s name, location, compensation file details, survey date and total amount among others. The receipt is a more detailed view summarising on a 1-2 pager pdf document what needs to be paid for each compensation file. It includes a summary of the stakeholder’s personal information, a summary of the land access parameters, such as the land request name, the rate table, etc. It also includes a table listing in more details each of the asset which is meant to be compensated for, including the asset type, unit, quantity, rate and total amount. Finally, there is a provision for a map should any asset be linked to a geometry record, and there is a space for signatures from the stakeholder and from the company representatives.

In addition, hyperlinks from the payment campaign to any of the included compensation file records, which also lead to retrace full details on eligibility and impact inventory records, are available. Should there be a need to review more in details the various steps that led to the inclusion of an instalment within a payment campaign, the series of hyperlinks would prove itself to be very useful.

Finally, it is sometimes possible to activate an email notification that is sent to everyone responsible for payment campaign approval in order to notify them when a payment campaign is pending approval or rejection. This email notification is not active in the out of the box product but could be activated on request.

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