2 - What is an Individual and how to use it?


An Individual is defined as a stakeholder who has an interest in the company’s decisions or activities, either as an individual or as a representative of a group. Stakeholders can influence a decision or be affected by it. Individuals include members of the local community, representatives of external organisations, company employees or government officials.

The individuals register is used to capture information about any stakeholder who is relevant to the company. An individual can be linked to organisation that they represent or to the household to which they belong. Once the details of an individual recorded, it is easy to record consultations, grievances, issues and commitments that relate to that individual.

Working with the individuals

To open the Individuals, click on Stakeholder Engagement and select "Individuals" below component Stakeholder.


1 - Creating New Records

An Individual can be added by clicking on the on the Add button to create a new record. An empty form will show up.

Note: All elements required are highlighted by a red vertical line.

Fill in information and to continuous you have the Save or Save and View. Also you have the opportunity to check “add another”, it allows you save one record and add other once, as you can see, it is an easy way to add multiple records.

Once you save and view the record, the first information you entered will be on General Information tab. You could see the different tabs will appear. As well as entering the details about the individual in the General Information tab and Contacts tab, in the Relations tab you can list each position the person occupies in the Members section. In addition each person with whom the current individual has some type of relationship with relationships table.

2 - Updating information

Information on individual has to be updated in order to keep it reliable. For instance, position, phone number, and addresses are information often changing over the course of a project.

Every section in the record has available an Edit button that allow you modify and update the information you need it.

3 - Searching Individuals

The search box could be helpful to search specifics individuals to prepare a meeting or collect information to analyze. Since all engagements are recorded, it is possible to consult that information prior to meet stakeholders.

To now more details about search tool please go to Search Box & Advanced Search Filters section on Basic Navigation article.

4 - Workflow of the individual

An individual can have 2 different status either Active or Inactive.

An active individual is the default status automatically set after a new individual is recorded. The active status indicates that the individual is still of interest and relevant to company activities.

An inactive individual is the status given when the Deactivate option on the workflow menu is chosen. When an individual record is deactivated, the system will also set the status of each position in the occupied positions to inactive. When an individual is inactive, it is not allowed to make changes to the record.

Use the reactivate option available in the workflow menu to set it back to active. Reactivating an individual record does not change status of any occupied positions.


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