Create and Edit Organisations

To access the Organisations' records list, click on the Stakeholder Engagement icon and select Organisations below the section Stakeholders.           


Creating New Records

- An Organisation can be added by clicking on the Add button in the organisations record's list. An empty form will show up.

- Fill in  the mandatory information and any relevant information to your daily operations.

- To continue, either click Save or Save and View to see the newly created record.

- Check the Add another box to create many organization in a row; the form will remain open after clicking Save until you are done creating. It is an easy way to add multiple records.

- The information filled out will be on the General Information tab. You could see the different tabs will appear. As well as entering the essential details about the organisation in the General Information tab and Contacts tab, in the Relations tab, you can list all of your stakeholders who hold positions within these organisations.


Updating Information

Information on organisation has to be updated periodically in order to keep it reliable. For instance, position, phone number, addresses are information often changing over the course of a project.

Every section in the record has an Edit button that allows you to modify and update the information you need.


Searching Organizations

The search box enables users to look for and rapidly find specific organisations either to prepare a meeting or collect information on specific individuals to analyze information. 

For more details about the search tool, click here: Search Box & Advanced Search Filters

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