Introduction to the Mail Handler Feature

How it works

Keeping the Boréalis application in the loop for emails/meetings with your stakeholders is the quickest way to keep track of your engagement with minimum effort. Transfering an email to the system's BCC email address will create a communication. Adding your system's email address as a participant in a meeting will create an "EmailMeeting" communication.

The Mail Handler feature helps users automatically generate a full communication record in Boréalis, including title, description, date, time, participants, type of communication, and more, directly from their email service.

Email attachments

All attached documents will be linked to the new communication. If images are embedded in the body of the email, these images will be linked as documents in the communication. If vCards (electronic business cards) are attached to an email transferred to the system, the application will create an individual's record (and its organisation) instead of a communication. 

Email threads

The application will recognize if the email sent to the system is part of a thread from previously recorded communications. The conditions below must be met for an email to be linked to a thread:

  • The email must be a transfer (FW:) or a reply (RE:) to an email that already exists in the system
  • The email must not be a transfer or reply to a meeting invite. In this case, the communication of this meeting invite will be updated instead of creating new communications. 

Confirmation e-mails

Once you have sent an email to the system, you will receive a confirmation email with the following information:

  • Details regarding the newly created communication
  • A list of individuals and staff members that were created (if applicable)
  • Warnings if the information was not processed by the system with an explanation


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