Application Release – September 16, 2015

This release introduces features that allow more customization of your application.


  1. Stakeholder map - Additional configuration
  2. Stakeholder Engagement - New map layers
  3. Land Access - Configurable receipts


1. Stakeholder map - Additional configuration

It is now possible to configure the name of each axis of your stakeholder, as well as the minimum and maximum value for each axis. This configuration will always carry over from your last stakeholder map.

2. Stakeholder Engagement - New map layers

The informal consultations and commitments have been added as new layers on the map. This means you can also see your search results directly on the map for these sections.

3. Land Access - Configurable receipts

It is now possible to create your own compensation agreements and payment receipts with a simple creation tool. You can also integrate these to your land access compensation process.

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