Disable or Re-enable the Borealis Chrome Extension Selection mode

This extension is compatible both with Chrome and Edge.

The Borealis Chrome extension setting for site access must be set to On All sites to work properly.

While you are navigating in your browser, you may need to disable the Selection mode to navigate faster. You can quickly disable and re-enable the selection mode in a few clicks.

Disable the Selection Mode

With your Borealis Chrome extension active, you can disable the Selection mode (Add to individual button) by either clicking Hide this button after selecting a snippet of text or by closing your Borealis Chrome extension pane.

If you disabled the Selection mode (Add to individual button) using Hide this button, you can still click and drag information into the right pane to populate the individual record but you will not benefit from the extensions auto-populate feature.

If you close the Chrome extension pane through the Close button or by clicking the Borealis icon near the Extensions icon, the information will remain in the extension pane for later use or until you Clear it.

Re-enable the Selection Mode

You can re-enable the selection mode by clicking on the Re-enable button in the Borealis Chrome Extension pane or by closing and re-opening the Borealis extension using the Borealis icon near the Extensions icon.

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