Create an Individual Through the Chrome Extension

This extension is compatible both with Chrome and Edge.

The Borealis Chrome extension setting for site access must be set to On All sites to work properly.

The Borealis Chrome extension is a convenient tool that allows you to quickly create individuals in Borealis using the selection mode. You can then validate the data selected in the right hand pane.

You can either select a whole record and add it to individual or add the parts individually.

For example, you could select the name of the individual, then in a separate selection, select the remaining information you want to add. You could also select all the information at once and add them through the selection mode directly.

You can input the following information in the extension:

  • Project
  • Name

  • Photo

  • Organisation and position

  • Phone - Note that if there is an extension, you will have to enter it manually in Borealis.

  • Email

  • Address

  • Website

  • Social media information

You can add additional Emails, Phone, and Contact information by clicking the + Add element in the Borealis extension pane.

Create an Individual Using the Chrome Extension

At any point during the process, you can clear the information in the right hand pane using the Clear button.

  1. Click the Borealis icon near the Extensions button to open the extension pane.
  2. Select the project to which you want to add the individual from the Projects drop-down list.
  3. Select the information you want to add to your record using your mouse.
  4. Click +Add to individual.
    You can also select information individually and click and drag it into the right hand pane. This is especially useful when adding images.
    You can also add images or snippets of text from your desktop or text application by selecting and dragging them to the appropriate fields in the Chrome extension right hand pane.
  5. Review and correct the information you have added in the Borealis extension pane.
  6. If the organisation field was not populated with the Selection mode, manually select it from the Organisation drop-down list. You can also use the + Create button to create a new organisation for this individual.
  7. Click the Add to Borealis button.

After clicking the Add to Borealis button, you will be redirected to the record page of the individual you just created. You can then proceed to edit and add additional information.

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