Report on Consultations (ROC)

ROC lists Communications that are :

  • Part of the Campaign of type "Metis Consultation", "First Nation Consultation" or "Scheme approval consultation" selected when running the report;
  • Classified as "Regulatory".

ROC contains one section per Organization listed under the Stakeholders table of the Campaign. Communications which at least one member of the Organization attended are listed in the corresponding section.

If no Organization is listed in the Campaign, none of the Communications in that Campaign will show in the report. Conversely, if not one attendee is a member of any of the report section's Organisation, it will not be listed.

Each section lists all Communications in the Campaign, ordered by date, earliest first.

Each log displays :

  • Date of the Communication;
  • List of participants(*) (incl. name, position and organisation);
  • Communication's description;
  • Issues raised during the Communication;
  • Issues follow-up descriptions;
  • Communication's Task(s) description.

Participants that are not members of the report section's Organisation are displayed in red.

** HTML version of the report includes Communications and Issues titles, which hyperlink to the corresponding record.

See picture below for fields mapping.




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