Time Saver - quickly log a call with a stakeholder

Follow these steps to quickly log a call you had with someone :

1) Send a courtesy follow-up email to the participants and BCC the application - DONE!

The application's email can be found at the bottom of any page in the application, under "Email integration".


OR, if sending an email is not practical:

1) Log in the application

2) Open that someone's file

Search for and open the person's file

3) Open a previous Communication that occurred with that person

Go to the Engagements tab and open a related recent Communication


4) Add your call to the thread

Go to the Communications thread tab and add a new Communication (+) then +Create a new record or Link an existing record.




You will notice most fields are pre-populated for you : Title, Stakeholders, Team members, Communication type, Subject categories. All that's left to enter is Description and General atmosphere - DONE!




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