Import your Outlook Contacts using the Bcc Email

Save time by importing your existing Outlook contacts by email in Borealis.

1. Select Contacts to import

  1. In Outlook, select your Contacts folder.
  2. Select the contact(s) which you want to load into Borealis (hint: CTRL-click to select multiple contacts or CTRL+A to select them all)
  3. Forward the items:
    • Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Microsoft Office 365 Apps for businesses: tab Home > Forward Contact > As a Vcard
  4. A new message will pop-up with all your selected contacts added as vCard attachments.

2. Source the ''email Bcc'' alias required to perform the import

At this point, you will need your personalized "email Bcc alias", created by Borealis. To find it, simply log into your Borealis, click on your profile icon at the right of the top bar and select Email integration.




Copy this email address and return to your Outlook email.


3. Forward your contacts

Paste the ''email Bcc alias'' address in the 'To:' field of the message.


  • If your vCard contact is an individual, an Individual record will be created in Borealis
  • If your vCard contact is an organization, an Organization record will be created in Boréalis
  • If your vCard contact is an individual with a specific job title into an organization, the Individual and Position will be created inside the given Organization.

You will receive an importation confirmation into your mailbox with details on stakeholders creation.


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