Tip #7 : Time saver - Import your Outlook contacts


Save time by importing your existing Outlook contacts in the Boréalis system.

  1. In Outlook, select your Contacts folder.
  2. Select the contact(s) which you want to load into Boréalis (hint : CTRL-click to select multiple contacts)
  3. Forward the items:
    • Outlook 2007 and previous
      Actions > Send Full Contact > In Internet Format (vCard)
    • Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016
      tab Home > Forward Contact > As a Business Card
  4. A new message will pop-up with all your selected contacts added as vCard attachments. At this point, you may want to send to helpdesk@boreal-is.com we'll take care of it for you!

  5. Right click in the Attached area of the email and choose: Select All
  6. Drag & drop the selected vCards out of Outlook and into an Explorer folder.
    As an alternative, you could also use CTRL+C in Outlook and CTRL+V in your computer's folder.
  7. Log in the Boréalis application
  8. Go to the Individuals register
  9. Tools > Import vCard
  10. Click Upload to select the vCard file from your computer, or drag-and-drop the file into the pop-up window
  11. Click Confirm


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