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Requirement: Borealis Mobile - Offline user profile

The Offline Mode feature for the Borealis Mobile Application aims to assist you in capturing data in the field where internet connectivity is not readily available or stable enough to use the mobile application normally.

However, sometimes you might find yourself entering data quickly with the intent to review it at a later date or you might enter erroneous data accidentally. In either cases, you can easily find the data synchronized from the Mobile application to the Borealis application.

If you are creating the widget for someone else, you can change the widget owner after creating the widget.

This section covers the following:

Locate Recently Created Communications or Individuals

After synchronizing your communications or individuals entered in offline mode, you can view them in the individuals or communications list pages.

  1. Navigate to either Communications or Individuals in Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. In the quick filter bar, select Created by me.
  3. In the upper right corner, sort them by Recent.

The list page will now display the communications or individuals created by you from most recent to oldest. The records you created offline recently will be at the top of that list.

Locate Communications or Individuals Synchronized from the Offline Mode

After synchronizing your communications or individuals entered in offline mode, you can create a widget to locate them in Borealis.

  1. Navigate to Widgets in Analytics.
  2. Click the + Create button.
  3. Select Table in the Type.
  4. Select Stakeholder Stakeholder Engagement - Engagement - Communications in Form
    OR select Stakeholder Stakeholder Engagement - Stakeholders- Individuals in Form
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. Give your widget a proper Title and select the Access.
  7. Under Filters, click + Add filter.
  8. In Column, select Created from mobile offline
  9. In Comparison type, select Equals.
  10. In Value, select Yes.
  11. Add another filter.
  12. In Column, select Creation user.
  13. In Comparison type, select Equals.
  14. In Value, enter your name, or the name of the user who will be using this widget.
  15. Click the Save button.

You can also create a general purpose filter for you and your team by making it Public and by selecting Creation user in the Value field. The information displayed will then vary based on the user viewing the widget.

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