Create an Internal Action

There are two types of activity that can be created. The first one groups together stakeholders with whom your organization must communicate on a regular basis, using the same strategy, and within the same time frame. These activities may span one or multiple periods and tasks are automatically generated for them based on the number of stakeholders and periods specified. 

The second group lets you create activities to cover internal actions. These can include internal meetings, research, or any activity not directly tied to external stakeholders. This can help you and your team carry out internal processes that support your engagement plans. These activities also have tasks automatically generated for them based on the periods specified.

You can use both activities with external stakeholders and activities to cover internal actions within the same engagement plan, allowing you to integrate all relevant tasks into the same engagement plan and providing you and your team with a complete view of the actions to carry out.

Create an Internal Action

  1. Navigate to Engagement plan in Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Select the engagement plan which has an activity for which you want to create an internal action.
  3. In the left hand record menu, select Activities under Planning.
  4. In the list of activities, select the activity for which you want to create an internal action.
  5. In the left hand record menu, select Internal actions under Planning.
  6. Click either the in-line + Add or the + Add in the list page.
  7. In the Add - Internal actions form, specify the following:
    • Title: This is the title of the task that will be created.
    • Starting period: This indicates the period from which tasks will be created until the end date of the activity.
    • Responsible person: You can select yourself or select another staff member.
    • Comment: You can specify a comment to provide information regarding the internal action.
  8. Click the Save button.

If the activitiy has already started, the tasks will be created right away. If it has not, you will need to start the activity for the tasks to be created.

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