Set up smart communications

The Borealis Smart Communications functionality is designed to provide your organization with the ability to use your stakeholder data to generate customized communications and send them to several stakeholders through the Borealis application. 

Certain key steps need to be taken to ensure the process is secure.

Overview of Smart Communications, From an IT Standpoint

To ensure smart communications can be used efficiently, a few steps need to be taken to authorize Borealis to use your domain name when sending emails on your behalf. 

To configure smart communications for your organization,  2 solutions are offered:

  • Create/edit your DNS records: This configuration will authorize Borealis to send emails on your behalf and using your domain name. This is accomplished through a DKIM key and an SPF record.


  • Use Microsoft Graph API: This configuration lets you use your own infrastructure/domain to send emails while still using tools offered in Borealis. This is accomplished through Microsoft Entra.

Steps of Implementation Using DNS Records 

  • You or your organization must provide us with the list of domain names that will be used to send smart communications.
  • We will then generate a DKIM key for the domain name(s).
  • Your IT department should then modify your DNS based on the DKIM key provided.
  • Upon completion, inform your Borealis business analyst.

Steps of Implementation Using Microsoft Graph API

  • The person setting up the Microsoft Graph API in Borealis needs to have the Superuser role and SAML needs to be enabled on your instance.
  • Your IT department needs to register and setup your application in Microsoft Entra and then proper information needs to entered in Borealis. Refer to Setup Your Microsoft Graph API Information in Borealis.


Issue / concern Solution
Can we use several domain names? Yes. You simply need to provide us with a list of exact domain names you want to use.
Can I use sub-domains? Yes. You simply need to provide us with a list for all of them as if they were regular domain names. 
Using the MS Graph API in a SAML instance, can a non-SAML user send smart communications? Yes. In some cases this is possible. Contact us to discuss your situation and we will assist you in setting this up.
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