Product Release - March 2024


AI - Insights

We are thrilled to introduce the new AI-generated Insights. Borealis now employs advanced algorithms to extract key insights from your communications, unveiling hidden information and sentiments that may otherwise go unnoticed. This groundbreaking feature revolutionizes the way users glean valuable information from their stakeholder interactions, empowering them with actionable intelligence to drive strategic decision-making. 


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  • Actionable Insight Integration: Transform insights into tasks seamlessly. Our enhanced AI functionality not only identifies critical information but also guides users in converting these insights into tasks within Borealis. This integration bridges the gap between analysis and execution, enabling more informed and impactful decision-making processes.

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  • Focus on Relevance: Save time and effort by automatically filtering out irrelevant insights, allowing users to concentrate on actionable information that drives results.

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  • Enhanced Visualization: Insights are represented within the communication and participating stakeholder records providing users with visual alerts about new or potential insights that may require action.
  • Insights Management Quick View Pane: Effortlessly manage insights with ease. Borealis now features a designated area for insights management located in the right-hand side "quick view" pane. This centralized hub allows users to conveniently access and interact with insights, apply filters, and hide or mark as non relevant.

AI Insights are just one of the multiple ways AI will be integrated in Borealis. We will be introducing more new exciting features in the future.

Stakeholder Important Information Banner

We are pleased to announce the release of the Important Information Banner feature in Borealis. This feature allows users to flag important stakeholder information, such as special communication arrangements or notes regarding a particular stakeholder via an Information Banner displayed on stakeholder and parcel records ensures that users are alerted of important information every time they access these records, minimizing oversights and facilitating informed decision-making.

To utilize the Important Information Banner feature, open the stakeholder edit form and utilize the Specific Contact Information section to flag relevant details. Ensure that the "Important stakeholder information" checkbox is checked to activate the warning banner on stakeholder records.


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Note: This new feature will be activated in all client instances during the release. If you would like to deactivate it for your instance please contact our technical team.



  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement: By respecting stakeholder preferences and providing visibility into critical information, this feature enhances stakeholder engagement, fostering trust and satisfaction.
  • Efficient Communication: Users can now streamline communication processes, reducing the risk of inadvertent outreach and ensuring professionalism in all interactions.
  • Risk Mitigation: Awareness of sensitive stakeholder situations, such as aggressive behavior, enables proactive measures to mitigate risks and avoid escalation.

Engagement Plans - Internal Actions

We're happy to announce the latest enhancement aimed at further empowering our users in managing their stakeholder engagement activities. With this release, we introduce the capability to create Internal Actions within the Engagement Plans Activities feature. Users can continue creating activities involving external stakeholders as usual, spanning one or multiple periods with tasks generated based on stakeholder numbers and periods specified. With the new Internal Actions functionality now they create activities solely consisting of internal actions, such as internal meetings or research tasks, catering to scenarios where internal processes are essential and even create activities that include both internal and stakeholder related actions. Once the activity is started these internal actions will follow the same period structure defined for stakeholder related actions.

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  • Increased Flexibility: Users can create activities tailored to their specific engagement needs, accommodating external stakeholders, internal actions, or a combination of both.
  • Comprehensive Planning: All necessary tasks, whether stakeholder-related or internal, can now be managed within the same platform, ensuring a comprehensive approach to planning and execution.
  • Improved Efficiency: By managing stakeholder interactions and internal actions in one place, users can streamline their workflow, enhancing overall efficiency in stakeholder engagement endeavors.

Land Management - CPI Management

We are pleased to announce the release of the CPI Management Feature for installment payments within land agreements. This feature integrates the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for calculating installment variations, providing enhanced flexibility and predictability in managing financial arrangements.

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  • Inflation Protection: The CPI Management Feature adjusts installment payments over time to account for changes in the cost of living and inflation. This ensures that the real value of payments remains consistent throughout the duration of the agreement.
  • Fairness and Equity: By incorporating CPI-based adjustments, both parties in the agreement share the impact of changes in the cost of living, promoting fairness and equity in financial arrangements.
  • Predictability: Utilizing CPI as a standard measure provides transparent and predictable adjustments to installment payments. This enables parties to plan and budget effectively for future payments, reducing uncertainty.
  • Compliance: The feature ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as CPI-based adjustments may be mandated in certain contracts or industries. It provides clarity and assurance in adhering to industry standards.
  • Long-Term Stability: For projects spanning multiple years or decades, the CPI Management Feature ensures the stability of financial arrangements by maintaining the relevance and fairness of payment terms over time.

Land Management - Automatic Stakeholder Sync

We are excited to announce the release of a significant enhancement to our land management module, focusing on improved stakeholder management within Land Management Engagement Plans. This update introduces dynamic notifications and streamlined decision-making options when adding or deactivating parcel landowners and occupants occur to ensure that stakeholders remain current and accurately reflected within open Land Management Engagement Plans.

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  • Dynamic Stakeholder Notifications: Users will now receive real-time notifications within the Engagement Plan whenever changes occur to landowners and occupants linked to specific parcels.
  • Automatic Banner Removal: Banners are automatically removed from the Engagement Plan once they are no longer relevant, maintaining a clutter-free interface.
  • User-Friendly Decision-Making: Decision-making follows a user-friendly approach enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The functionality covers various scenarios, including the addition of new occupants, creation of new land titles, addition or deactivation of occupants or titleholders.

Additional Improvements

Stakeholder Engagement

You can now:

  • Send SMS to an organization, provided the organization has the appropriate phone number configured.
  • Link multiple communications to a Grievance using the "Link to grievance" action in the "Actions" menu.
  • Link a Communication to a Commitment in the Communication creation form.
  • Link a Commitment to a Communication in the Commitment creation form.
  • Link a Commitment to an Agreement in the Commitment creation form.
  • Link issues to SMS sent directly from the Send SMS screen.

Additionally, when activated, the "Limited access" section can now display information on Commitments, Issues, Grievances and Engagement plans that you would not otherwise have access to.

Land Management

You can now:

  • Search for the parcel using its address when linking a Parcel to a record.
  • Link a Company asset directly in the Commitments creation form.
  • "Batch update" multiple Agreements in a single operation.
  • Link a parcel when importing Individuals and Organization with the excel template.
  • Link Commitments in the Agreement creation form.
  • See all Stakeholders linked to an Agreement in the new Stakeholder section of the Agreement record.
  • Add a role to Stakeholders linked to an Agreement.
  • Link Commitments to Company Assets
  • Link Land Units to Engagement Plans
  • Link Land Units to Conditions (from the Compliance Management Module)
  • See the Agreements linked to a Task in the Task form.
  • Link Agreements to a Task.
  • Link Agreements to a Grievance
  • Find Agreements using the related stakeholders name from the quick search.
  • Link Agreements to Engagement Plans

Mobile App

You can now:

  • Link commitments from the communications form.
  • Link parcels to communications created with the mobil app.
  • Use a numbered list in the description field of a communication.
  • Link a Task to one or more Agreements in the app.
  • Link an Agreement when creating a communication.
  • Link Company Assets to communications in the mobile App.


  • There is a new column in the task import template to link to Land agreements
  • It is now possible to add additional assignees to a task with the new "Additional Assignees" field.


You can now:

  • Search dates by providing a date rage when working on a detail view table with a date column.
  • Enter a phone number in the Global search to look for an Individual.

Plus, all new users will now receive a welcome email from Borealis

Environmental Monitoring

You can now:

  • Create samples in the future, for the purpose of creating a monitoring plan.
  • Link EM Samples with commitment and SE Commitments to EM Samples and Results 

Smart Communications

  • It it now possible to use the tag {PREFERRED_NAME} in the email. It will be replaced by the first name when empty.


  • Quick filters "Created by me" and "System" have been added to the analytics reports page.


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