View Which Filters are Used to Populate Your Quick View Pane

Your superusers can customize the information displayed in the Quick view pane to highlight key data, improve the data analysis experience, streamline data access by reducing the clutter down to key sections and filters to display relevant information for quick access.

Once they have selected key filters to sort through the data in the Quick view pane, you can view which filters are being used to sort the data displayed in your Quick view pane.

View the Filters Active for a Section of Your Quick View Pane

  1. Navigate to the record for which you want to view the filters controlling the displayed data in your Quick view pane.
  2. Click on the pane arrow on the upper right hand corner of the screen to open the Quick view pane.
  3. Click the in-line filter option for any section to view the filters for that section.
    quickviewfilterselecticon.pngThe list of filters used for this section will then be displayed.




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