AI Translation of Communication

When working with a variety of cultures and stakeholders, you will sometime come across communications in languages other than your primary one and with which you have a lesser degree of mastery. Borealis offers you the ability, through AI, to view the translation of the Summary and Description fields of a communication on-demand. This means that nothing is stored or altered in Borealis but you can now read the contents of those fields in your primary language.

Borealis provides the option to translate the Summary and Description fields directly from the application into the language you have selected in your Preferences if they are different.

Translate a Communication

When you view a translation, the information is displayed on your screen but is not saved in Borealis. 

  1. Navigate to the communication you want to view a translation of.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Summary or Description of the communication.
  3. Click View translation. Note: This function is only available if the text is in a language other than the one selected in your Preferences.
  4. After the AI is done translating, the text will be displayed in your selected language.

You can then click the Copy translation icon to the right of the Description or Summary and paste the content of the translation into another medium as needed.

You can also click View original if you want to view the original text.

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