Online Contribution Request Interface Feature page

The Social Investment module is designed to assist you in efficiently managing community contributions and strategic community investments.

The Online Contribution Request Interface is a powerful tool to assist you in connecting with your stakeholders while the data linked to their requests is automatically added to Borealis, removing the need for manual entry or imports via the Excel templates. It offers very flexible customization options which allows you to align the interface with your company's branding and specific information needs. As the data is directly added to Borealis, you can then use the features native to the application to interact and analyze the data from the requests.

Examples of Use cases

  • As a Community Investment Manager, you can design a customized Online Contribution Request Interface form so that your requesters can easily reach you and you can easily track and manage Community Contribution records in the Social Investment module. You will also want to leverage the customization options of the online Contribution request feature to more easily gather specific and relevant data on stakeholder needs and automatically add it in your Borealis application so you can analyze it through the Analytics module. This will provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement of community investment strategies.

  • As a Stakeholder Relationship Manager, you can create or link a requesting organisation and contact person in the Stakeholder register after they submitted a Contribution request. This allows you to centralize and organize stakeholder information, allowing for better collaboration and communication throughout the process.

  • As a Community Contribution Coordinator, you want to use the existing Community Contribution workflow your company uses in Borealis for efficient and standardized processing of online Contribution requests. This will ensure consistency and compliance with established guidelines and protocols of your company. 

Main Features

  • Highly customizable pages.
    • The welcome page serves as the initial point of engagement for stakeholders. This lets you welcome your stakeholder on the page and provide them with the necessary information to proceed further.
    • The request form pages can also be customized to align with your organizational needs and branding while structuring the engagement approach to meet your desired outcome. The form pages are used to capture essential details required for contribution requests, but also can be designed to accommodate the various types of community contribution requests across different social investment initiatives.
    • The confirmation page is usually the conclusion of the contribution request process and can provide you with an opportunity to offer additional information. This page can also be customized to provide a tailored confirmation message for filling and sending the contribution request and include contact details to facilitate communication for further inquiries by the requester.
  • The Online Contribution Request can be set to send a confirmation email after requesters complete the information form. This requires a configuration by the Borealis team.
  • All the information entered through the Online Contribution Request Interface form can be found in the Community Contribution list page of the Social Investment module by using the quick filter Online portal.
  • You can create widgets and reports to track trends or created a printable textual version of the answer.

Examples of the type of customization that can be done for the Online Contribution Request Interface forms include but are not limited to the following:

  • Field options include:
  • Text fields
    • Normal text
    • Numbers, Currency, Percentage
    • Email
    • Phone numbers
  • Radio buttons
  • Drop down menus (single or multiple selections)
  • Checkboxes
  • Yes/No questions
  • Document upload
  • HTML formatted informational text
  • Additional configuration options include:
    • Organize your fields as you want
    • Choose your logo and colors
    • Every message and label is 100% customizable
    • Single page or multi-page form
    • Form logic
      • Hide fields depending on responses
      • Make fields mandatory depending on responses
      • Create calculated value regarding the answer of a specific question to send it into Borealis

Due to the technical nature of the forms, only Borealis employees can customize them.

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