Modify an Insight Type

While our AI insight tool automatically defines a type for your insight, you can also manually edit the insight and change the type.

  1. Navigate to either Individuals, Organisations, Communications, or Engagement plan in Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Select the Individual, Organisation, Communication, or Engagement plan for which you want to edit the type of an insight.
  3. If you cannot locate the Insights:
    1. Click on the pane arrow on the upper right hand corner of the screen to open the Quick view pane.
    2. Click the Insights option.
  4. Scroll to the insight you want to edit.
  5. Click More actions.
  6. Select Edit AI insight.
  7. From the Type drop-down list, select the type you want to identify this insight as.
  8. Click the Save button. 
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