Add Participants to an Existing Communication

Participants are managed in the tab Attendees of a communication record.

Participants in a communication can be added one by one. To do this, click on the Plus sign next to “Participants” and select the desired stakeholder.

If many participants need to be added in a row, check the “Add another” box next to the “Save” button; it will  keep the form open until the addition is complete. It is not necessary if there are not a lot of participants to add.

Complete the mandatory fields and the details of the participants that are relevant to you and click the Save button. Note that certain fields are different depending on the type of communication.

Add the next stakeholder until all attendees are listed.

In the event of large meetings such as conference or conventions, it is unlikely that all the participants are known by the user. However, the number of participants might still be an important factor. For those particular cases, the number of participants can be changed manually to indicate the exact number of participants, without having to add them all individually.


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