Manage your Password

Change password

To change your password, click on your username in the upper right hand corner and select "Profile". After, select the action "Change password". 

Enter your current password ("Old Password") and new password twice ("New Password" and "Confirm New Password") and press "Save".

Password policy

The following rules apply to your password:

  • Must contain at least 8 characters;
  • Must contain at least one digit;
  • Must contain at least 2 types of characters from lowercase(abc), uppercase (ABC) and special character(!?^$);
  • After 3 unsuccessful tries, the account is locked;
  • Password needs to be changed 5 times before being re-used.

Forgot password

To change your password if you have forgotten, click on "Forgot" on the login screen. After, enter your email address to received your password reset instructions.


Ask your user administrator to reset your password

The user can also ask a user administrator or a superuser within his company to perform a reset password for him.

The user administrator then performs these steps:

  1. Search and select the user to perform the reset password
  2. Click on the "Actions" button and select "Reset password"
  3. Enter the 3 required password: mceclip0.png
    A. Enter your password (password of the user administrator)
    B. Enter the new password of the user
    C. Enter again the new password of the user.
  4. Click on the “Save” button.
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