Create and Edit Smart Distribution Lists 

The purpose of a smart list is to automatically group stakeholders who share a common role across organizations. For example, you can create a smart list that will list all the English-speaking Mayors recorded in your instance. Smart lists are automatically updated as you update or create new stakeholders in your system.

Create a smart distribution list

The Smart Communications feature allows users to create smart distribution lists, which will automatically identify the desired recipients.

1. To begin, go to the "Distribution lists" the main menu:



2. Create a new distribution list and select "Smart list" as the '"Type" of list:



3. Save the list, then click on the "Stakeholders" tab to select the organisation(s), the language, and the desired roles.

After this is done, the list of members will be automatically populated and updated as the members of the selected organisation are updated in the "Organisations" register.

That means that if one of your criteria for this list is "Role" must be "Director," and then the director of the organization changes, your smart list will be updated accordingly to include the new person assigned to the Role. 



Add members of a list to your communications

When creating a Smart Communication (email or letter), you can add members of a list to your Recipients list.



Add members to a list

To add members to a list, click on "Actions", then "Add members of a list" and select a list. Note that only standard lists (non-smart lists) are displayed. The members of the selected list will be added to your current list of recipients.

It is also possible to add stakeholders to your smart list in batch. From the list of organisations, or from a widget, simply use the "Select multiple" button to select the targeted organisations, and then go to the Action button and select 'Link to smart list'.


Sync with smart list

To add members of a smart list to your communication:
  • Open your communication
  • Click on "Actions", then "Sync with smart list": select a smart list.
    • All current recipients of smart communication, if any, will be replaced by members of the selected smart list.
    • Note that the "Sync with Smart List" action is a required step to update the recipient list. In other words, even if you have updated the smart list, it will not affect the recipient list of your smart communication until you synchronize it.


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