Grant access to Smart communications

Boréalis users can have access to prepare and/or send Smart communications on their behalves or on behalf of someone else if they have the appropriate rights.

Granting access to the Smart communications module does not give access to a user to prepare or send smart communications; it gives access to the functionality only.

Grant users the right to edit and send Smart communications

The rights to send Smart communications are defined in the Users' register.

* Granting access can be performed by superusers/users administrators only 

  1. In the main menu on the left, select extend the tab on the bottom and select Users ;
  2. Use the searching tab on the top to select the user to whom you wish to give access to the Smart communications tool;
  3. In the access section of the user profile, add the user profile SE – Smart Communications - Data entry and, if needed, SE - Smart Communications - Sender.




Grant users the right to send as a substitute

A user can be selected to send Smart Emails on behalf of another user (e.g you might want a secretary to be able to send emails on behalf of a manager). To do so, both users will need to have the rights to prepare and send Smart Communications and the substitute name will need to be added in the user profile from whom Smart Emails will be sent from.

* Granting access can be performed by superusers/users administrators only

1. Go in the users' register profile and scroll down to the Smart Communications section


2. Select the user from whom smart communications will be sent.

3. In its profile, add the allowed substitute name in the Smart Communications section and save







Note : Once your substitute is saved in the current user's profile, you will be able to access the new substitute's profile by referring to the bottom of the existing user's page. Afterwards, you can check if the substitute has the right to edit and send smart communications. If not, add the rights as explained in the first part of this article.





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