Manage your Bookmarks

Difficulty: Easy 


With the Bookmarks menu, pages or records can be added as bookmarks to access them faster.



You can add links to most of the pages throughout the Boréalis Application including:
     • A specific records in registers
     • Search results lists
     • A specific maps
     • Filtered calendar views


To Add a Bookmark

You can add a bookmark to any page in the Boréalis Application that displays the star icon. To add a bookmark, click on the star icon and change the bookmark’s name if desired and then click the Done button. The star then becomes green.


To Remove or Rename a Bookmark

A bookmark can directly be removed from the Bookmarks menu. To do so, move your cursor over the bookmark that you wish to remove and click on the X next to it.

You can also remove or rename a bookmark by clicking on the green star icon from the record.

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