Use records List: display, sort and share

Record lists are shown throughout the Boréalis application. They are used to show records in registers, search results are shown in a record list underneath the search box, and are automatically filtered depending on where in the Boréalis Application you use the search.


Record lists often have more than one page. Go to the next page or previous pages by using the page controls at the bottom of the list.

Changing the Display

By default, record lists including those containing search results are shown in the standard layout. If you want a more compact and detailed table layout, click View at the top of the record list and select Detailed.

Sorting Lists

Use the Sort option above a record list to sort the list alphabetically (A to Z) or by the most recent first.

Share List Information

Use the Export Excel option in Tools to generate an Excel document containing the entire list.

Map pins

In some cases, map pins are displayed on the right hand side. This means that a location has been determined for these records. By clicking on a pin the map automatically open on the record position.



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