Search Box & Advanced Search Filters

Difficulty: Easy 


The Search box is located in the banner area and is available to use throughout the Boréalis Application. 



Using the Search box

To start a search, click first on the magnifier and enter the letters or words to search on. Select the register where to perform the research. Only one register at the time can be selected. Press Enter to launch the search. 

=> Search results are shown in a record list underneath the search box and are automatically filtered depending on where in the Boréalis application you use the search.

Note: The search results are limited to records in the register selected.

Tip: You will have noticed that as soon as you enter anything in the field «Search», suggestions of the result are presented to you (individuals, organizations, communications, etc). If you want to see all the occurrences found for the information entered in the "Search" field, after having completed the registration of the information, press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to be presented all the occurrences found. Note that if you search from the Boréalis homepage, what we call a global search, the number of occurrences may be greater. You can then use the component selector and, if necessary, the advanced search to reduce the number of results.


Advanced Search Filters

You can refine a search by clicking 'Advanced' next to the search box. The advanced option is clickable in registers where additional filters are available.


Fill in one or more filters and click search. Search results are listed underneath the search box. Click the Clear button to remove any text or selections you have made from the search box or click on the x next to each search criteria to remove it. The results list is automatically updated according to the new criteria.

Note: Advanced option will be grayed out if there are no additional filters available in the feature or register you are currently viewing.

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