Create and Edit Campaigns (Local Business Development)

Setting up a Communication Campaign

As well as entering the essential details about the communication campaign in the general information tab, you can use the stakeholders tab to list the stakeholders targeted by the communication campaign. When adding a new stakeholder, you can

  • Select an organisation or an organisation and a position
  • Select an individual that has a position at an organisation
  • Select an individual not affiliated with any organisation
  • Directly type the name of a person not in the businesses register

You can record the consultations related to a communication campaign in either the communication campaign record (in the meetings table under the consultations tab) or in the meeting record by selecting the communication campaign. To link an opportunity to a communication campaign, navigate to the opportunity and select it in the communication campaign field.

Update Communication Campaign Results

Many informal consultations may result from a communication campaign. Record each informal consultation and link them to the communication campaign so that they appear in the communication campaign table under the consultations tab. In addition, the grievances tab, issues tab and the commitments tab list any follow-ups that you need to manage.

Closing the Communication Campaign

After the communication campaign is over and there are no outstanding actions, you can close or cancel it (using the workflow tab) so that it can no longer be selected for an opportunity.



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