Create and Edit Opportunities

Registering New Opportunities

When a new opportunity (suitable for inclusion in the companies’ local business development program) is identified, enter the details into this register. You may also need to define new competencies for this opportunity in the competencies table on the opportunity form, otherwise select from the ones already set-up.

Communicating an Opportunity

After recording the details of an opportunity, you may want to link it to a communication campaign. To do this you must first ensure that there is a record in the communication campaigns register.

Assign Businesses to an Opportunity

You may find that there are already businesses listed in the businesses register, which are suitable for the opportunity. Once a business is listed in the businesses register, it can be assigned to the opportunity using the businesses table in the tender evaluation tab. If you receive tenders from new businesses, you will need to enter the details into the organisation register (in the stakeholder module) and then add them as new businesses in the businesses register.

Evaluating the Tenders

After the request for tender period has closed, evaluate tenders by grading each business on each criterion in the evaluation scores table. After completing this, you can see the total score of each business in the businesses register. Prior to evaluating businesses, the relevant tender evaluation policy (and associated criteria) must be created in the tender evaluation policies register.

Record the Contracts

Once you have determined each successful business, and they have signed the contract, you can add the details into the contracts table. Each contract you create will also appear in the contracts register.

Closing the Opportunity

When all of the contracts have been entered for an opportunity, you can close the record (using the workflow tab).

Record the Community Impacts

At any time during or after an opportunity (even if it is closed), you can record feedback received from stakeholders and list the observed community benefits in the impacts tab.

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