Create and Edit Contracts

Registering New Contracts

Once a contract is awarded to a successful business, the details can be entered. However, you cannot add a new contract directly into the contracts register. To add a new contract, use the contracts table in the opportunities register. The contract will also appear in this register.

Reviewing the Contract

As a quality assurance measure, and to support process improvement in the local business development program, it is a good practice to conduct periodic checks to see how each business is progressing. During the term of a contract, or just after the contract expires, use the contract review table, in the follow-up tab, to record the observations and recommendation arising from the review.

Deactivating a Contract

When a contract expires and you are no longer conducting any reviews for that contract, you can close the record (using the workflow tab) to indicate that the contract is no longer current.

Record the Community Impacts

At any time during or after the term of a contract (even if it is closed), you can record feedback received from stakeholders and list the observed community benefits in the impacts tab.


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