Add Calculated Values to your Widget

Difficulty: medium

Most users use this tab to calculate arithmetic functions such as count, sum, minimum value, maximum value, average.

Here are the calculated values for each Widget types:

  Chart Indicator Scatter Plot Table
Average x x x x
Concatenate x x x x
Count x x x x
Cumulative count x     x
Cumulative sum x     x
Maximum x x x x
Median x x x x
Minimum x x x x
Sum x x x x

Note: calculated values are not available for Maps and Calendars Widget types.

First, choose which function to apply and select what to calculate in the drop-down list. Various functions are available, depending on the type of field selected (number, text, values from a selection list, etc.)

Depending on the value you choose, you can calculate in 9 different ways:

  • Average: counts the average number of all entities
  • Concatenate: appends all the text values together, separated by commas in a single row
  • Count: counts the number of entities, each occurrence is counted once
  • Cumulative count: adds to the calculation the number of previous entities (includes the count of lines above).
  • Cumulative sum: adds to the calculation the sum of previous entities (includes the sum of lines above).
  • Maximum: identifies the highest number or the most recent date (only available for dates and
    numbers fields).
  • Median: identifies the middle point of a set of entities. Splits the sequence into two parts.
  • Minimum: identifies the lowest number or the oldest date (only available for dates and numbers fields).
  • Sum: counts the total numbers of all entities.

The name of the calculated value can be customized. For the value to appear in the widget, you need to select it in the “Properties” tab. The name will appear at the beginning of the list.

Here is a simple example presenting the differences between available calculated values:

For a table presenting this data set:

Project Category Amount
1 Expenses 1000
2 Expenses 2000
3 Expenses 3000
4 Expenses 5000
5 Incomes 2500
6 Incomes 10000


Borealis calculated value results are:

  Expenses Incomes Total
Average 2750 6250 11750
Concatenate 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 2500, 10000 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 2500, 10000
Count 4 2 6
Cumulative count 4 6 6
Cumulative sum 11000 23500 23500
Maximum 5000 10000 10000
Median 2500 6250 2750
Minimum 1000 2500 1000
Sum 11000 12500 23500


If you have questions on the calculated values, we invite you to contact our Helpdesk at


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