Create and Edit a Capacity Building Event

Setting up a Capacity-Building Event

As well as entering the essential details about the capacity-building event in the summary section and description tab, use the goals tab to describe the scope and purpose of the event.

An objective is an attainable, time-based and measurable target that the capacity-building event must meet in order to be successful. You must create at least one item in the objectives table, under the stakeholders involved tab. In addition, you will not be able to delete a record in the objectives table if a record in the competencies table links to it.

A competency sets out what the participants are expected to know and to be able to do as after successfully completing or attending the capacity-building event. Each item in the competencies table, under the stakeholders involved tab, must refer to one of the objectives.

Managing the Trainers and Participants

Use the Stakeholders involved table to add each individual who will (or has) attended the capacity-building event, and for each record the result of their attendance. Once you have saved the record in the trainers table or the participants table you will not be able to change the stakeholder field. To change the stakeholder field, you need to delete the record in the table and add a new one.

Closing the Capacity-Building Event

When the event is over and there are no more outstanding actions for the event. You can close that record (using the workflow tab).

Record the Community Impacts

At any time during or after a capacity-building event (even if it is closed) you can record feedback received from stakeholders and list the observed community benefits in the Impact tab.


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