Add Filters to your Widget

Filters refine the report’s dataset according to specific criteria. To add a filter, first select whether the value you want to filter will be included or excluded. Then, select the value to include or exclude. The last drop-down menu contains several contextual operations based on the field type chosen. Here are the different field types with their corresponding operations:

(1) Date field: Field that can only be a date format 

  • After: After a specific date.
  • Before: Before a specific date.
  • For the last: For the previous day/week/month/year, starting from today
  • For the next: For the next day/week/month/year, starting from today
  • Next period: For the upcoming day/week/month/year
  • Previous period: From the previous day/week/month/year
  • Since: Since a specific date.
  • Until: Until a specific date.

(2) Numeric field: Field that can only be filled with numbers (e.g. an amount, a quantity)

  • Greater than: Value is greater than a specific number.
  • Lower than: Value is lower than a specific number.

(3) Selection list: Field that contains a defined list of items that is usually managed in the catalog tables

  • Contains: Including an item with a specific string of characters.
  • Ends with: Including an item that ends with a specific string of characters.
  • Starts with: Including an item that begins with a specific string of characters.

(4) All fields: 

  • Between: Only for date and numeric fields. Value is greater than a specific number but lower than another one.
  • Equals: Value represents a specific number, date or string of characters.
  • Is empty: No value has been recorded
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