General BCC Email & BCC Alias List

BCC emails and alias are the core components of the Mail Handler feature. They are the tools enabling the link between a user's email service and the Borealis application.

General BCC email

Users can either transfer their emails to the app using the general BCC email or BCC the system email address to automatically create a communication in the Boréalis Application. Click here for more details.

You'll find the system general BCC email at the bottom of any page in the application, under "Email BCC," as portrayed in the screenshot below.


BCC alias list

Users can also use BCC alias to directly link a communication to existing records in the system (campaigns, projects, subject categories). You'll find the list of all the alias you can add to your email in Configuration --> Email BCC alias export. 

This list can also be exported directly to your email contact list using the option Tools --> Export vCard. Each alias then becomes a contact that can be renamed to be easily found and added in BCC.


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