Create and Edit your Communications

Communications both play a role in institutional memory and in engagement analysis which allows your company to be proactive in reacting to potential issues and grievances. Accuracy and regularity when recording communications improves data keeping, facilitates the identification of key stakeholders and the tracking of recurrent topics.

A communication can be written or verbal, formal or informal interaction with one or more stakeholders. They can include emails, letters, meetings, conferences, social media posts, phone conversation, etc.

This sections cover the following topics:

Create a New Communication in Borealis

  1. Navigate to Communications in Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Click the +Create button in the Communications list page. 
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields:
    • Description
    • Date
    • Projects
  4. You should aim to include as much information as possible to improve the data quality.
    Depending on the type of communication selected, certain fields might become available or unavailable.
    • When selecting Email and Letter, participants must be added from the fields From, To and CC.
    • When selection other types of communications: Participants must be added from the fields Initiator, Stakeholder and Staff Members. 
      Participants can be either an individual or an organization.
  5. You should add the required information for your daily operations but you can also add information to several other fields to leverage other Borealis functionalities.
  6. Click the Save button.

If you need to record several communication in a row, you can flag the Create another box. The communication form will remain available after you click the Save button and you can quickly start entering a new communication.

Locate a Previously Created Communication

Several options can be used to locate a previously created communication:

  • You can use the global search function in the upper left corner of your application.
  • From the Communication register, you can change the list page view to Detailed  and use the column headers to filter your search.
  • You can use the quick filters to filter on specific types of communications

Edit an Existing Communication to Update or Add Additional Information to it

  1. Navigate to Communications in Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Locate and open the previously created communication which you want to edit.
  3. You can modify the communication record through different means:
    • You can use the Edit button located in the top right corner to modify the Classification, Details, and Access.
    • You can use the Edit (pencil) icon in each of the information pages to edit that information.
    • You can use the + Add in-line icon from the left hand record menu or click the + Add icon in the information page to add related information to the communication.
  4. Click the Save button.
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