Configure inspection outcomes

Prerequisite: Compliance Management module

With Borealis, you can configure your inspection results. The configuration allows you to:

  • Determine whether the result is compliant, non-compliant or not applicable (N/A)
  • Determine whether an observation is required or not
  • Determine if at least one corrective action should be entered or not

When entering a condition in the inspection, the behaviour of the form will change depending on the chosen inspection result. It will either:

  • Display information to enter an observation or;
  • Display information to enter corrective actions

Create an inspection result

  1. Click on the Configuration icon in the application menu and click on Inspection outcome.
  2. Click on Create.
  3. Insert the name of the outcome for all available languages ​​of your Borealis.
  4. Determine the compliance result: Compliant, Non-Compliant or Not Applicable (N/A).
  5. Check the box Has observation if an observation must be entered.
  6. If an observation is required, determine the entry type of a corrective action: Must not be entered, Must be entered (mandatory entry) or Can be entered (optional entry).
  7. Save.

Edit result

In the Inspection outcome menu, click on the desired inspection result, then by hovering over the field to be edited, an Edit option will appear. Click on the Edit button and the inspection result can be modified.

The configuration of a System inspection outcome can only be partially modified. Only the name, order and color can be changed. System inspection outcomes with the Compliant compliance result is the one that appears on the button on the condition list in an inspection.


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