Working with Records

Accessing Information in a Register
Once in a register, the list of records stored in that register is displayed. To consult a record, you can either click on the View button or click on the record by moving your cursor over the corresponding row.



Creating New Records
A record can be created from a register. To do so simply click on the Add button which is located under the title of the register.

Editing Records
To modify an existing record, first go to the record page and double click anywhere in the form. That gives you access to modify fields or fill them with new information.

Deleting Records
Caution should be taken when deleting information. If you are about to delete a record, ask yourself if the record is linked to something else in the system and the impact the deletion will have. In some cases, it might be preferable to deactivating the record (under the Workflow button) instead of deleting it.

To delete a record, select the Delete option under the Actions button.


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