Create and Edit Survey Activities

Now that Monitoring programs and Parameters are set, it is possible to create Surveys activities. 

To start a new Survey Activities go to Monitoring & Evaluation module - Setup - Survey Activities and click on the Add button.

Link monitoring program and parameters to the survey activity to assess and monitor its performance.

Note : Parameters listed in the drop-down menu are the ones linked to the selected Monitoring Program.

There are two ways to add stakeholders and survey results in the system. The first way is to add each stakeholder and result manually. The second way is to import all stakeholders and results using Excel data import. For large datasets, we recommend using importer. 

1. To enter Stakeholders manually, go to Monitoring & Evaluation module - Setup - Survey Activities - Stakeholders and add all relevant Stakeholders in the "Select" Box.

Once you have finished entering your stakeholders, go to Monitoring & Evaluation module - Setup - Survey Activities - Results,click on the "Edit all" option and enter the results for each Stakeholder. 


2. For the automated importation, download the Excel template available in the Import Data wizard, fill it up and upload it to Borealis. 


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