Import Data via Excel Templates

You can import data for almost all modules by using the Excel templates. This is especially useful when you have large quantities of information that need to be transferred to Borealis or when you need to transfer data from another database into Borealis.

You can also use Excel templates as an alternative to entering data directly in Borealis, without having to directly go to the application itself, then upload it in batch later on. 

This article covers the following topics:

Locate the Excel Templates

  1. Navigate to Import Excel in Configuration.
  2. In the Type of data to import drop-down menu, select the type of data you want to import.
  3. Click on Excel template to download the specific template for the data you want to upload.
    Each type of data has its own template. For example, if you are trying to upload Individuals, you need to use the Individuals template.
  4. Once the template is done downloading, you can open it and begin entering data in it.

After opening the template, the columns match the fields in the application. You can mouseover the column header to view the comments. Those comments provide additional information for filling the template and will indicate among other things:

  • Whether a column is mandatory
  • How to specify more than one item per cell

In cases where a column uses a multi-selection list, you can see the list of possible values in the second tab.

Columns that are optional can be deleted from the template if they are not to be used. This can help streamline your information upload process.

You can also reorder the columns without affecting the data import. 

Upload the Excel Template to Borealis

Once data input is done in the template, you will need to upload it to Borealis.

Note that you cannot import an Excel file into Borealis if it contains formulas. Any formulas need to be converted to values before importing.

  1. Navigate to Import Excel in Configuration.
  2. In the Type of data to import drop-down menu, select the type of data you want to import.
  3. Click the Select file button and navigate to the Excel file and click the Open button.
    OR Click and drag the Excel file into the window to upload it.
  4. You can flag Attach documents to imported records to attach documents and import them to Borealis along with your data.
  5. Click the Confirm button.

If you entered the information correctly in the Excel file, a confirmation of the upload will be displayed. If there are errors (typos, missing required fields or others), the details of the error will be displayed in the Import data wizard window. You can then correct the information in the Excel file and upload the file again in the wizard.

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