Importing Data via Excel Templates

Data can be imported almost throughout all the modules and sections. It is really useful if you have a large amount of information to upload, or if you are transferring data from another database.

Excel templates can also be used as a way to enter data quickly without having to go in the application itself. The data can later be uploaded in a batch, for example once or twice a week. 

1) Data can be imported through our excel templates only. A template can be downloaded via Tools – Import Excel – Excel template in the top right corner of every section.

Each section has a different template to download. If the data to import are communication records, then the Excel template must be downloaded from the Tools in the Communication section.

2) The columns in the Excel file match fields in the application. Some are mandatory to fill and others are optional. A comment “This element is required” indicates when it is mandatory.

Columns that are optional can be deleted from the template if not used. Columns can also be moved and it will not affect the data import. 

3) Once the excel if completed with information, it can be uploaded to the same place where it was downloaded from Tools – Import Excel – Excel template. Click Upload to select the excel file and Confirm.

4) If everything was entered correctly, then wait for the upload to be completed. If there are some errors (typos, forgotten mandatory fields, etc.) the import data wizard will show the line in Excel where something needs to be corrected. Correct the information and upload the file again.

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