Create a Communication from a Meeting Invitation

We recommend using the Outlook Add-in to create communications from meeting invitation. The steps described in this article are for Borealis users who do not have access to the Outlook Add-in.

You can create a communication directly from the meeting invitation in your email client. By sending the meeting invitation to your organization's BCC address, the mail handler will analyze the body of the email and then create a new communication in Borealis with the information from the email.

The mail handler can populate the following information depending on the content in your meeting invitation.

The following information will be taken from the BODY of the invitation:

  • FROM and TO are added as Participants
  • SUBJECT is added as a Title of the communication
  • The Body of the email (description) is added as the Description of the communication
  • WHERE is added as the Venue
  • WHEN is added as the Date of the communication (This is the date of the communication, not the date you sent the email to the system) and the Time.

Create a Communication from a Meeting Invitation

  1. Open the meeting invitation from your email software.
  2. Click the Reply button.
    Do not use Forward. Using Forward will send an update to the participants.
  3. Delete the To and CC email addresses.
  4. Click on Options and add BCC if needed.
  5. Click the Send button.
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