Participants From an Invitation to a Meeting

This is one of the most interesting methods to create participants, taking into account that at the same time you will be able to include the summary of the meeting, the site, and the date. All this, just follow the steps described in this article.

To perform this activity, you must consult the invitation received in the email software (Outlook). Select REPLY (Attention: do not select forward) to send the email to BCC address of your company (You must delete the email of the guest and the person who made the invitation). The guests of the meeting will be created as participants.


In summary, the system recognizes and creates different aspects as follows:

The FROM and TO will be added as participants.

The WHEN will be the date of the communication and not the date the email sent to the system.

The WHERE will be the field venue.

The SUBJECT will be the title of the communication.

Note: For this case, do not use the forward. The forward option will only send an update to the participants.

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