Objective, Activity & Milestone

Objective: a description of an attainable, time-targeted, and measurable targets that
the strategic community investment must meet, in order to be successful

Activity: a short statement that describes the activity that will help reach the objective

Milestone: a significant stage or event achieved in the strategic community
investment request

Below is an example of a project with an objective and three activities.

Project: Support education offer at university level

Objective: Double the number of graduates at university level in the communities surrounding the project

Activity #1: Construct new education centers
Milestone # 1: 4 new professional centers in direct impacted area by end of Q2
Milestone # 2: 2 new universities in direct area of influence by end of Q4

Activity #2: Start new education programs
Milestone # 1: Education programs of interest in the region defined
Milestone # 2: Professionals identified to implement the education programs

Activity #3: Plan financial support for students
Milestone # 1: Students needing financial support are identified
Milestone # 2: Budget is approved by end of Q3

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