Create and Edit an Activity for an Engagement Plan

Creating an Activity

You can create an activity from the Planning tab of an engagement plan. When creating an activity, there are 2 required fields that you must complete right away: Title and Objectives. We recommend choosing a straightforward title and precise objectives to make the goal of this activity clear to your team.

From the creation form, you’ll also be able to add periods with or without recurrence. You’ll also be able to add stakeholders. We recommend that you enter all the information that you know at this point, including stakeholders who should be included in this activity. You will need to set the duration of the activity in order to be able to start its progress.

Once your activity has been created, use the Periods section in the General information tab to set the various communication periods. You can also access the Stakeholders tab to add stakeholders who should be contacted with regard to this activity. To begin your activity, use the workflow button and click on Start activity. 

Following up on an Activity

From the Stakeholders tab, you will be able to view and edit:

  • Stakeholders linked to the activity
  • Team members / collaborators responsible for each stakeholder
  • Follow-ups: team member who did the last follow-up and date


In the Tasks tab, you will be able to view all information about the tasks that are linked to the activity, including follow-ups, status and linked communications.

In the Engagements tab, you’ll find all the communications linked to tasks in the activity.

In the Follow-up tab, you’ll find all the follow-ups linked to tasks in the activity.


Closing or cancelling an Activity

Once the activity is over and that there are no outstanding tasks, you can complete it using the workflow button. Should the activity be cancelled, you will also use the workflow button to do so.



You’ll notice banner notifications in the top of the screen for engagement plans, activities, communications and tasks. These notifications help you identify communications that are potentially linked to opened tasks in Boréalis.

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