Create an Engagement Plan

An engagement plan is the strategic grouping of a series of communications, activities and tasks, in order to achieve a specific goal.

Engagement plans allow users to:

  • Implement their plans,
  • Track engagement plan progress over time based on defined goals,
  • Monitor team performance.

Engagement plans can also be used to group elements that are linked to the same initiative. For example, an engagement plan could allow users to organize information linked to a specific stakeholder communication initiative.

You can also use engagement plans to group targeted stakeholders with planned communications, activities and follow-ups, as well as relevant tasks for team members.

Create an Engagement Plan

  1. Navigate to Engagement plans in Stakeholder engagement.
  2. Click on the + Create button on the Engagement plans list page.
  3. Fill in the fields in Create an engagement plan form.
    We suggest that you fill in as much information as possible so that team members collaborating can better understand context, scope and guidelines of the engagement plan. There are 3 required fields:
    • Title: This is the name of the engagement plan.
    • Type of engagement plan: This drop-down menu defines the type of engagement plan and the options available in the engagement menu.
    • Projects: This defines which project the engagement plan will be attached to and who will be able to access it.
  4. Click the Save and View button.

Activities and Your Engagement Plan

Activities are a piece of your Engagement plan. They are used to group stakeholders for whom you have the same communication strategy, over a given period of time, and a goal that will include:

  • Stakeholders you need to talk to;
  • Your key messages;
  • When you must engage with them;
  • How frequently;
  • The desired level of engagement.

Objectives and Milestones for Your Engagement Plans

Objectives and Milestones provide you with ways to increase the level of details of your Engagement Plans. They represent specific actions, moments or goals that can be achieved because of the implementation of your engagement strategy.

Workflow of your Engagement Plan

When creating a new engagement plan, its status is automatically set to In progress, except if the start date occurs in the future: then, its status will be set to Not started.

You can manually change the status of your engagement plan using the Actions menu.

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