General Process

The Compliance Management module supports a cyclical planning, monitoring and observation process and corrective actions represented here:


Planning Compliance Management

Clearly define the information that will be used to build inspections:

  • Where: Locate the areas covered by the standards to be respected (compliance areas)
  • What: What are the standards or rules to follow? Identify the document that indicates the standards to comply on (compliance documents)
  • How: What are the standards listed in the document (conditions)?
  • When: Plan upcoming inspections, specify regularity (inspection programs)

Monitoring Compliance Management

Once the conditions and inspection program are in place, we track and measure compliance or non-compliance on a specific date. If the result is non-compliant, corrective actions are planned for the next scheduled inspection.

Auditing Compliance Management

If necessary, it is possible to list the activities of internal and external audits carried out. This summarizes the compliance results of the last inspection and the corrective actions taken.



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